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Exhibition: Richard iii's Leicester
Richards Leicester logos
The Leicester that Richard III saw in August 1485 now survives in fragments. There are some buildings which he might have seen, and there are also scraps – bits of stone, bits of wood – that belong to buildings that have largely disappeared. This exhibition deals with one or two of the buildings but also seeks out those bits of wall and wood that are so easily overlooked. We hope to restore the significance of these leftovers in the imaginations of those who live in, and those who visit, Leicester.

What applies to Richard is also true of John Wesley; his heritage is in one surviving building (you are standing in it) and a number of sites in which he carried out his epoch-making ministry of preaching.

Detail of the Town Wall

Passage between Cumberland Street/Elbow Lane and Sanvey Gate

Angel Gateway

Section of the Town Walls

Medieval Stonework in Butt Close Lane

St Margaretís Church

Timber Framed Building next to All Saintsí

St Mary de Castro: Leicesterís Royal Church

The Castle Gateway

The Newarke Wall

The Castle Green

All Saintsí Churchyard

The All Saintsí Squint

All Saintsí Church

Alehouse Wall on Highcross Street

The Yard of the Blue Boar

Great Meeting

Site of the Millstone Lane Chapel

The Portrait of William Lewis

Butt Close Lane

The Site of the Three Crowns

A Bishop Street Grave Marker

The Bishop Street Baptismal Font

East Wall of Bishop Street Chapel

Bishop Street Wesleyan Chapel

Photos by Ruth Joy, text by Richard Gill, 2015

Fowler’s map of 1828, showing the locations of the sites:-

Fowlers Map with red and blue dots