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Heritage Room

Introductory leaflet, thumb
Introductory Leaflet:

pdf. Heritage at Bishop Street Methodist Church

In the Chapel thumb
In the Chapel

2 page pdf of what heritage items and details can be seen inside the Chapel.

The Chapel at a Glance thumb
At A Glance

 A single A4 pdf with dates, facts and summaries on some of the Chapel Heritage

IHS Info board thumb

2 page pdf about the IHS monogram painted on our Chapel wall.

John Brandon Thumb
John Brandon

Dragoon and enthusiast

William Lewis Thumb
William Lewis

Industrialist and Philanthopist

Arthur Wakerley Thumb
Arthur Wakerley

Pillar of Town and Chapel






During 2014 we were fortunate to have a grant from Methodist heritage, which enabled us to develop the Church Vestry into a small ‘Heritage room’, with an expanding range of pictures, heritage resources, and explanatory display boards. Above are pdf versions of some of these documents.

Heritage Room March 2015 (1) webHeritage Room March 2015 (2) webHeritage Room March 2015 (3) web


There are  a selection of videos now available via Youtube. You can find them by searching for the Bishop Street Church youtube channel (feel free to subscribe). A series of four short talks by Richard Gill on the origins of Leicester Methodism begins with ‘A sermon at Butt Close’, at (Follow the links to find subsequent videos.)




As in Previous years, we are planning on opening for the Saturday of the Heritage Open Days, which will be the second Saturday in September.

The oldest purpose built Methodist Church in Leicester, we have a largely 19th century interior to the main chapel, which was built in 1815. The organ case is by Father Smith, and predates the building by perhaps 100 years, and has been classed as of ‘exceptional’ heritage value.

We include guided tours of the building to discuss the many heritage features. In addition, we make available for inspection our baptismal registers and other documents dating back to the 19th century

We are in the early stages of planning an exhibition which will feature aspects of Leicester Methodist Heritage.



This is an on-going attempt to record oral history particularly relating to Bishop Street in former decades, and for Methodism in Leicester generally. If you have memories yourself, or know people who will have memories and are willing to be interviewed please get in touch with the church office.

Also, if you are interested in doing interviews, or helping with the oral history project or any other aspect of Methodist heritage, we would love to hear from you.




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